What is IASIS MCN?

IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback (MCN) is the process of delivering a low-intensity pulse of energy to the brain to restore its proper function. This is done with revolutionary technology that is non-invasive, extremely gentle, safe, and effective. The pulse of energy is not even felt by the client.

Due to chemical imbalances, toxins, environmental stress, sickness, and injuries, the brain gets stuck or frozen and begins to perform less efficiently, just like a computer. When this happens to your computer, a reboot is necessary to restore proper function. In a similar fashion, when this happens to the brain, a reboot is necessary to restore its proper function too. Once the brain or computer has been rebooted, it regains control and operates smoothly again, no matter what caused it to freeze in the first place.

These frozen or stuck patterns dysregulate the central nervous system and produce brain-related disorders. Through MCN, the brain is rebooted by delivering tiny pulses that thaw the frozen patterns and return the brain to a healthy homeostasis. It’s not a therapy for any one condition, but for the entire brain. 

Our advanced neurofeedback technology and techniques enhance the coordination between the gut, heart, and brain, optimizing neurotransmitter production. This approach provides significant benefits for your overall well-being.

At Clear Mind Utah, we’re pleased to offer MCN which has been life-changing for thousands of people. What can it do for you or someone you love?

micro current neurofeedback
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