MCN Package Pricing

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Vitality 12

$ 1499
  • 12 Microcurrent Sessions
  • 12 Infrared Light Sessions
  • Autonomic Balancing

Complete 20

$ 2339
  • 20 Microcurrent Sessions
  • 20 Infrared Light Sessions
  • Autonomic Balancing

Family Pack 40

$ 3999
  • 40 Microcurrent Sessions
  • 40 Infrared Light Sessions
  • Autonomic Balancing

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Delighted Clients

"I usually sleep 'till 8:00 am. After two micro current sessions, I had more energy than normal. I woke up at 5:00 am and was ready for the day. I was surprised how my energy lasted throughout the day too. I was going strong well into the night. It also decreased the pain in my foot from plantar fasciitis. Thank you, Renewing Life!"
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Neurofeedback Client
"After 6 weeks of Iasis MCN I was starting to have control again. I didn’t have the fear anymore of driving, going for a run, working out, eating out & socializing."
david c picture
Neurofeedback Client
"My son Caelum suffers from TBI. After the first 2 sessions with MCN we saw a decrease in outbursts by over 50%. His focus is better too. Those results are being sustained. It’s non-invasive and you are seeing the results consistently."
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Anne Marie
Neurofeedback Client

Payment FAQ's

Yes, we do. A single MCN session is $150, which includes a FREE consultation.

While 85% of people start feeling positive changes in the first few sessions, it will require a series of sessions for the brain to achieve and maintain the full benefits. You should consider one of the package plans above to capitalize on the discounted price per session. 

Some medical and psychological insurance plans now cover neurofeedback and/or biofeedback for various conditions, but this varies by insurance company. Please contact your insurance company to find out what expenses they will cover.

You may need to pay for services up front, get a letter of medical necessity from your primary care physician, and then submit your expenses to your insurance company with the letter from your doctor for reimbursement. 

Yes, absolutely. We offer interest free financing for up to 15 months through the Advance Care Card. This is a great way to pay for your sessions interest free!  

In addition we accept the following payment plans for packages | 50% down | 25% in 30 days | 25% in 60 days. 

Vitality 12
A down payment of $824 is due on the 1st visit / $412 in 30 days / $412 in 60 days.

Complete 20
A down payment of $1,286 is due on the 1st visit / $643 in 30 days / $643 in 60 days.

Family Pack 40 
A down payment of $2,199 is due on 1st visit / $1,099.50 in 30 days / $1,099.50 in 60 days

Please note these payment plans include an additional 10% processing fee. 

In most cases, yes. Please check with your HSA or Flexible Spending account administrator to confirm that your plan will cover it. 

Absolutely! We love our Veterans and First Responders. We give them a discounted price of $100 per session for any package purchased. 

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