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sharp focus

Sharpened Focus

Discover invaluable tools to empower you to stay laser-focused on your goals and achieve your dream results.

stress relief

Stress Relief

Equip yourself to excel in high-pressure situations, demonstrate poise, compusure, and adaptability with grace.


Decision Precision

Wave goodbye to doubt and make confident choices with laser precision.

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About The Authors

Troy & Valerie Gundersen

Troy and Valerie Gundersen, advocates for holistic wellness since 2003, bring a wealth of expertise to the table. As certified nutritionists and personal trainers, their journey into wellness began over two decades ago. They now specialize in IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback at Clear Mind Utah, a field where they have made a positive impact by assisting individuals in conquering issues related to stress, sleep, focus, learning, and overall mental wellness.

What sets Troy and Valerie apart is their exceptional ability to simplify complex wellness concepts, making them accessible to everyone. Their inspiring public speaking engagements have inspired numerous individuals to embark on their wellness journeys. In 2017, they took a significant step towards personal well-being by adopting a whole food plant-based diet, a choice that not only benefits their physical health but also aligns with their values of mental wellness and sustainability.

Outside of their professional pursuits, Troy and Valerie hold family close to their hearts. With four children and six cherished grandchildren, they prioritize nurturing strong family bonds and creating a loving, supportive environment. Their expertise in natural health, coupled with their compassionate approach, continues to inspire and empower individuals seeking to enhance their well-being. Troy and Valerie Gundersen serve as beacons of holistic health, guiding others on their paths to a healthier and happier life.

“Without the ability to cope and make sense of your fear, you’re left feeling anxious all the time.

This is the perfect handbook to regain control of your life!”


What Our Readers Are Saying

This book will help you uncover the causes and types of fear that keep you from living the life of your dreams. You will discover the secret to becoming the kind of positive thinker who is not afraid to take initiative. You can kiss imposter syndrome and the never-ending cycle of negative self-talk goodbye and instead greet confidence and success!
Highly recommended!

Melinda W

I loved the descriptions of what’s going in your body as it goes through the fear process.

The tools provided to help you overcome your fears were simple and practical so you can easily use them in your life! I highly recommend this book for overcoming fear!

Jennifer W

Overcoming Fear is an excellent guide that delves into the reasons we fear, and naming them. The authors explain in detail, specific strategies to confront those roadblocks and move forward with healthy strategies. This is a great resource for any age of adult. Well done.

Mary C

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